Astrowetter is a web-based app for the Knickohr-Astro-Wetterstation which are supported by the iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X.

How's it working ?

Astrowetter displays a set of diagrams which shows you the temperatures, humidity, air-pressure above sealevel and the cloud-temperature over the last 24 hours.

What does the cloud-temperature show you ?

The cloud-temperature shows you, the sky is cloudy, foggy or clear. The lower the cloud-temperature is, the clearer the sky. A value of -30 °C or lower is a very clear sky. Happy stargazing !


Tap the diagrams for more information and actual weather data. A tendency and min./max. values will be shown in the landscape-view. Try it !

To install Astroweather, tap the + button below and choose Add to Home Screen.

Once installed, the app will be automatically updated if there are changes. Enjoy it !

Astrowetter is an iPhone web app. Please visit this page on an iPhone or iPod touch to install Astrowetter.

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